The NADIA Project

Instruction on how to install and begin using the software package are provided on the main website. The doxygen documentation provided here is aimed at more advanced users who are comfortable with c++ and this style of reference documentation.


All examples and there associated data files are provided in the examples directory. A brief description of each is listed below.

Command Line Tools

CDI_reconstruction.exe A tool for performing Planar, Fresnel or Partial Coherent (spatial and temporal) ESW reconstruction. This tool is provided as a demonstrative tool and to obtain results quickly.

Usage: CDI_reconstruction.exe <config filename> <reco_type> <seed>
where reco_type may be:

The seed should be an integer. If the seed is excluded from the command line arguments, it is assumed to be "0". If reco_type is also excluded, it is assumed to be "planar".

CDI_reconstruction.exe planar_example.config "planar" 3 
Perform planar CDI reconstruction using the configuration given in the file, "planar_example.config". The random number generator (used to initial the first guess) is given a seed value of 3.

dbin2ppm.exe - Convert a binary file (2D double / 64 bit, format) to a ppm (grey-scale, 16 bit file). Note that this conversion loses information.

Usage: dbin2ppm.exe <input dbin file> <output ppm file>
<pixels in x> <pixels in y>
dbin2ppm.exe my_reconstruction.dbin my_reconstruction.ppm 1024 1024 

hdf2ppm.exe - Extract the data from a HDF4 file and save as a ppm (grey-scale, 16 bit file).

Usage: hdf2ppm.exe <input hdf file> <output ppm file> <optional: data block name>

hdf2ppm.exe my_data.hdf my_data.ppm  

tiff2ppm.exe - Convert a tiff image file into a ppm file (grey-scale, 16 bit file). Note that this conversion may lose information.

Usage: tiff2ppm.exe <input tiff file> <output ppm file>
tiff2ppm.exe my_reconstruction.tif my_reconstruction.ppm 

cplx2ppm.exe - Extract part of a complex binary file (2D fftw format) and save as a ppm file (grey scale P2 which is 16 bit per pixel). The real, imaginary, magnitude, phase and magnitude squared can be extracted.

Usage: cplx2ppm.exe <input cplx file> <output ppm file> <component type> <size in x> <size in y>
where component type is one of:
cplx2ppm.exe my_white_field.cplx my_white_field_illum.pgm 4 1024 1024 
Extract the magnitude squared from a reconstucted white-field file.

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